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Doctor Haynes made an appearance in Wheatland, WY, (Platte County) this evening. The major endorsement I would like to make concerning him and what he had to say is that he is a very strong Constitutionalist and also a moral and religious man. — Debby Becker

We've known Taylor Haynes for many years. We don't expect any surprises outta him - he will do what he says he's going to do! There's no one better in the State of Wyoming. He's the man to get us back on track with the Constitution. — Glynn Collins

Mr. Haynes is exactly the conservative leadership that Wyoming needs. — Gabriel Fernandez

Dr. Haynes is surely Wyoming's greatest "natural resource." He radiates personal warmth and strong faith. Taylor has a seemingly unlimited repertoire of ideas and command of the issues, as well as the gritty determination needed to make Wyoming greater than other candidates will ever dare to dream possible. — Michael Holland, M.D.

I endorse Dr Taylor Haynes for governor of Wyoming. He is the only true conservative running. — Brian Rushing

Dr. Haynes is truly a breath of fresh air in a time that our State needs a boost. Common sense ideas that if people would take the time to listen and understand a change is needed. Please give him a listen, what do we got to lose, other than our livelihood that we hold so near and dear to us as Wyomingites. Thank you and Go Dr Haynes! — Sean Schneidmiller

Dr Haynes has pledged to uphold the Constitution and state sovereignty. He also has pledged to oppose a state income tax and demand that Wyoming learns to live within its' means. — Dave Shimerka

Dr Haynes appears strong conservative convictions, believing in low taxes, a limited government, states rights and the constitution. — Richard Sloan

Taylor Haynes speaks to the concerns of everyday Wyoming Natives. Too many outsiders are moving into our great state and bringing their misguided views on what they think is best for Wyoming. These people move to Wyoming to escape the problems and poorly run governments of their respective states, but seems when they get here they want to change our culture to reflect the one they ran from in the first place. After reading the platform Dr. Haynes would run on, no doubt about it he’s got my vote, and most of the people around me. We need someone who isn’t scared to stand ground for us Wyomingites. — Reuben Spomer

I think Mr. Haynes is our best candidate for Governor of our beleaguered Wyoming. He is for States rights and he is a spending hawk. I fully endorse him. — John Sturtz

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