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My experience in the healthcare industry is broad. I have patented a Surgical Stapling system; run a successful surgical practice in Cheyenne; served as an instructor in Advanced Trauma Life support for Doctors; as a Certified Trauma Surgeon I performed the first neo-natal surgery in Cheyenne; and, I have been published in major medical Journals.

I am President and Chief Medical Officer of a Third Party Administrator/Employee Benefits company (Prodegi Corporate Benefits), where along with my wife Beth, I have guided the company safely through the Obamacare years. Thus, I understand the needs of people seeking care, the spiraling costs, the challenges of the current system and the frustrations of both providers and patients.

and the myriad of avenues available to provide coverage.

While the healthcare system seems to be a mess, I see it as being similar to the Telecommunications industry at the time of the breakup of AT&T.  There are a myriad of avenues available for providing coverage, and viable options that can be implemented to improve access with affordable costs.  We cannot wait for Congress to craft a plan, there are important steps that can be taken at the State level to improve our situation.

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