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Gubernatorial Candidate Addresses Carbon County Residents - Haynes: Penitentiary Should Be Moved, Not Fixed

Republican candidate for governor Taylor Haynes speaks during a public forum Thursday evening at the Carbon County Fairgrounds. Haynes covered a variety of topics including education, the state prison and equal rights.

Rawlins Daily Times, Mathew McKay  

RAWLINS — Carbon County residents received some early insight from a Republican candidate for governor during a public forum Thursday evening. Candidate Taylor Haynes took questions from the audience during the pubic forum and addressed topics dealing with the Wyoming State Penitentiary, education and the wilderness study areas at the Carbon County Fairgrounds Multiplex.

Early on in the forum, Haynes said he would rather see the Wyoming State Penitentiary moved to the closest suitable soil foundation rather than trying to repair it.  “There is no point in spending money on a place that is sinking in the earth,” he said. “You’ve got to say, ‘Stop, this is not working we need to figure out what will.’”

Haynes also told the audience members he felt it would cost a lot less and be more of a permanent solution to the recent concern than trying to make repairs. Haynes addressed the education of the inmates and said he would like to see them receive better rehabilitation prior to returning to society. “We need to find out who these people are, what their education level is, what their skill level is and where they are,” he said. “Then we need to move them to a place during their term so when they go back out into the society they can make a living and they are not necessarily forced back into the old (lifestyle).”

In the same way, Haynes said if he were elected he would like to see the education system improve. He said hopes to change the Wyoming Department of Education to become a consulting outfit instead of a regulatory agency. Haynes said tests show the U.S. is currently falling behind in education and needs to be restored. “Every few years around the world, there is test given to 15 year olds,” he said. “We were 41st. When I was in prep school, if the United States was third in anything everybody’s hair was on fire. They did not tolerate that at all.”
Haynes said he would like to see to see each student complete math through College algebra, U.S. and World history and much of their English by the end of their sophomore year. Haynes further said he would like students to have the opportunity to choose a college or vocational track to help them reach their goals.

Haynes said the school system is currently failing in its current form and is making it difficult for teachers do their jobs. “Teachers are people with families,” he said. “They have worked hard to have a career and they find themselves in this system. They have to go with the flow.” Haynes said he would work to make sure the good teachers get paid well in order to incentive them to keep them in the state.

When asked about land management, Haynes said he would like to see much of the forests be used as multiple use land. He said if elected he would look into opening up closed forest roads and grow the timber industry. Haynes said the opening of forest roads and increase industry would bring in more job opportunities and give residence more access to the land. He also believes the change would help freeze or even cut down the property tax.

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